World's smallest color camera offers 400 TV lines of resolution

Ultra Small Color Micro Video Camera

  • Measures less than 1/3" square
  • Lens requires only 1/16" diameter hole
  • 1/4" color CMOS chip provides 400 lines of resolution
  • 9-12V DC power @ 35 mA
  • Pinhole lens with ~55 degree FOV

Don’t drop this micro camera on the carpet, because you might not find it. It uses the latest generation color CMOS imager and can be concealed virtually anywhere as the camera measures less that 1/3 in square. It is extremely stealthy with a 1/4 in color CMOS chip provides 400 lines and 1.5 lux. CMOS technology offers the added bonus of extremely low power consumption. The unit comes with plug-and-play video/power cables and instructions.

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